I debated and debated about what to make my VERY FIRST EVER dog blog post about.  Should it be a cute story about adopting Harper to be my first dog that was really MINE?  Should it be a charming story about the foster puppies that I had last week (don’t worry you’ll get to the see the pictures at some point)?  Or should I talk a little in general about what dogs mean to me?

As I was having this roiling internal debate and trying to get along in my everyday life, I got a notification on my phone.  A little message bubble from Whistle popped up “Pippa just hit a Milestone”  Ok awesome – you go Pippa!  So I of course, being the productive person that I am, dropped everything to see what milestone my happy-go-lucky pup had hit.  And nearly sprayed soda all over my phone.

Pippa has run over 1000 miles since I first put her whistle on her 110 days ago.  Yes, you read that right – a one with three zeros behind it.  Crazy right?  Even when she’s stuck in a car driving to visit family with me – or at home watching movies on the couch all day on a Saturday – she manages to average over 9 miles a day.  If I’m being 100% honest here – I rarely hit my step goal.  But my little pup is CRUSHING it.

Pippa – ready to play in the yard

So I got curious, and flipped over to view Harper’s stats.  They should be more reasonable, right?  I mean, Harp turns 6 in like 3 weeks, she should be all settled down, right?  She should be just a bit above my daily activity if I factor in my volleyball games, right?


Harper is well over 600 miles, pushing 700, and has 1 week where she wasn’t even wearing her Whistle tracker because Pippa chewed through the strap (THANKS WHISTLE FOR ALL THE REPLACEMENTS – LIFESAVERS!).  I’m in shock, because if I am home, Harper is with me.  I work from home a couple of days a week and her bed is literally right next to my desk.  She’s curled up beside me as I am typing this, with her tail on my foot.

Harper – in my office

So to summarize:  Pippa is a puppy who hasn’t even started to slow down at almost 2 years old, Harper is probably the best secret exerciser and fittest 6-year-old doggo around, and I’m the lazy human who needs a new workout plan to keep up with them both – HELP?!?!

❤ #dogmom


Bonus:  If you haven’t ever heard of a Whistle before, do I have news for you.  My anxiety about my dogs when I am at work, on a day trip, or out of the country has gone so far down since I got these things!  They are a GPS tracker/activity monitor sent directly from heaven to us pet owners.  I have 4 wi-fi spots set up with my dogs (my house, my sister’s house, my parents house, and my office) and I get a text message if they leave the wifi range AND the cellular GPS tracking tells me where they are!  If I’m camping, I can find my dogs.  If they jump a fence for an adventure, I can find my dogs.  If they slow down and aren’t moving as much as normal, I can schedule a vet checkup to see if something is wrong.  AND they just added a new feature, where if I link them to a family member or friend (they are already linked to my phone) it can tell if they are with a person if they are carrying their linked phone.  No panic attacks if my sister decides to go on a walk instead of playing fetch in the backyard and I get an alert that the dog is away from the house.  I cannot say enough good things about these!  I only wish they came in Pink!  And yes, I have a link where you can get $20 off.  You’re welcome 😉





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