My very first foster puppies.

I didn’t know what I was getting into.

I still took 2 puppies.

Bronco and Nugget playing in the yard

It began on a normal Wednesday.  After work I drove about an hour to the rescue where my journey would begin.  The rescue where I volunteer is called the Colorado Puppy Rescue, and if you are local and thinking about a puppy, please take a look.  It’s worth it to save a life.

I was about halfway down the foster list to choose my pups, and I could watch the ones on front of my selecting which pups to take home until Saturday morning.  I noticed several people liked the beautiful siblings on the bottom row of kennels, but heard several comments about how big and rowdy they were.  Most of the pups were pretty tired from a day of travel and then a round of shots and pictures.    Two were still full of play and ready to roll.  So of course I chose them.  I mentioned previously that I wanted to make certain Pippa would be ok with little pups, and these two seemed tough enough to test her out.


I got them loaded up and headed home.  They did well in the car once I turned on some music.  Once I got home, they weren’t at all afraid of Harper or Pippa so we all went into the yard to play. Dinner went smoothly, settling down for bed went well.  I thought this would be the easiest foster job ever!  Until about 1:30 am that is.  Then the barking began.  So out of bed and back to the yard we went.  then back to the kennel and back to sleep.  Until about 4 am.  Then outside and back to the kennel.  Luckily by the time they woke up at 6 again, I could just put them out back with Pippa to watch over them while I grabbed a few more minutes of sleep.

Sleepy puppies

Thursday the puppies came to work with me!  Everyone at the office loved them and they were well behaved the whole time.  I kept them busy during the day, meeting coworkers, walking to my errands with me, and not letting them sleep very much.  I was determined to get more sleep Thursday night!


It worked!  When we got back to the house, the pups went straight out to play with Harper and Pippa while I took care of some house chores and making dinner.  After puppy supper we had some inside playtime, and one more potty break before bed.  I got to sleep straight through from about midnight to about 6 am!  It was wonderful!


On Fridays I usually work from home, so it was an easy day.  This was the day where I really learned a lot about the puppy personalities.  Bronco was a fearless and chubby little guys who loved to be around people.  He was a snuggler!  Nugget was friendly and playful, but a bit more reserved.  She was polite to the big dogs, and enjoyed sitting quietly beside me while I worked.  The puppies spent a lot of time outside with the big dogs, or inside sitting on my lap while I worked.  We added bath time to the evening routine, and we got plenty of sleep so the pups would be refreshed and ready to go at their adoption event in the morning.


Saturday I decided to stay and help during the adoption event.  I wanted to see where my pups went, and with an hour drive each way, I didn’t want to have to drive back in case I needed to keep them for another week.  Nugget was one of the very first pups chosen.  Her beautiful coloring was eye catching, and the couple that got her had a smaller older dog that she seemed to like.  It was a great match.  After a couple hours I was a little worried that Bronco wasn’t going to find a home, but near the end of the event a nice lady decided to meet him, and loved him right away.  She wanted to review what information we had about him, asked a lot of questions, with him in her lap the whole time.  Both pups were going to great homes that would love them.

Sibling Rivalry

I cried – mostly happy tears – on the drive home, but I was hooked.  It was such a great expirience to give the little pups a place to be safe for a few days, and then watch them find a new home.  I think I got peed on twice that first event.  Now I take an extra shirt in the car just in case.  You never know with puppies.

❤ #dogmom

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