Did I mention how fast I got hooked on fostering puppies?  Because Bronco and Nugget were only the beginning.  This story starts the same as before – with a nice drive after work down to the puppy rescue.  This time I ended up taking home a pudgy little girl that I dubbed Smudge due to her coloring.


I’m going to be honest – I fell in love with this little pup instantly.  She was smart, she was sweet, and I was her favorite thing from the first moment.  She wanted to be near me so badly that she cried until I mover her kennel and blankets next to my bed for the night.  Then she settled right in and went to sleep.

As usual, on Thursday Smudge came to work with me!  She was quiet, she was friendly, and she spent most of the day laying on me while I worked.  Too sweet for words.


Now I didn’t mention before, but I had picked up Smudge just before a holiday weekend, so the adoption event was moved from Saturday to Friday night, and was pretty small.  Because of this, Smudge ended up not being chosen and came back with me!  And we took a road trip that weekend to visit my family.  And all of their dogs.  Picture this tiny little pup, with 5 big pups all over 50 lbs.  Best weekend ever right?  Especially since my dad is pretty much every puppy’s favorite toy.

Anyway, after a super fun long weekend, we came back home and headed back to work.  Smudge, of course, came along to the office again as my assistant.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of my roles as a foster mom is to help socialize the puppies.  Bringing them to work is great for this, as my coworkers are all dog people, and we meet a lot of nice people while we are on our walk breaks.  In Smudge’s case, we made friends with a really nice couple eating at a restaurant up the street from the office and chatted a bit about the rescue and the pup.  Smudge was a PRO at making friends.

Promotion time!

The weekend and the next adoption event rolled around too fast.  And I was really close to “foster failing” and keeping Smudge because I loved her so much!  But we made it down to the event and got settled in and ready to find her forever family.

Ready for adoption day

About halfway through the morning, the couple we met at work and their mom came in just for Smudge.  In the few minutes they had met her outside the restaurant, they liked her so much that they brought their mom, who was looking for a dog, on an hour drive to come and adopt her.  Happily ever after for another wonderful puppy.

❤ #dogmom

*If you are looking for a new puppy or dog, please consider looking at your local animal shelters and rescues.  Adopting both puppies and younger dogs from these places, and always making certain to spay and neuter your pets makes a world of difference.


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