#weeklywags 3/8/19

Welcome to your weekly dose of wagging tails!  Here’s where you’ll find a cute video starring one of the many dogs in my life and a link to one of my favorite dog products!

I love this brand for me, and I love it for my dogs. Burt’s Bees for Puppies Shampoo  is a great choice if you are getting a new puppy (and you can use it on the old pups too).  Just don’t bathe your dog too often – they need the oils on their skin to stay healthy!

This gem of a video is the first night Harper and Pippa met.  Harper is 4, Pippa is 7 weeks old.  2 years later and they are still buddies… and Harper still deflects Pippa’s attention to me when she needs a break!


❤ #dogmom


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