Spice 1

Hello!I’m opening with a picture this time because this is one gorgeous pup!   Beautiful coloring and a feisty attitude made Spice a good choice for her name while she lived with me!  Really, just look at that eyeliner.  Let me tell you – she did not sit still for pictures for very long!

Spice was a short foster; I only had her for a couple of days, but (like my other pups) she made it into the office for a day.  Unlike the other puppies, Spice discovered the beanbag in the developers room – best day ever! #amIright

Spice 3
I love beanbags! And new friends!

For real, this pup loved to play and thought that Harper was the greatest playmate.  She all but dragged me home from work – I had to give up on any more good pictures and just take a video of her winding down for the evening with her bestie!

If I’m being 100% honest, Spice was a little too feisty for me to handle for long (though she was a total sweetheart).  Adoption day was a little bit of a relief.  She was big enough that it took a little bit of effort to keep her corraled when I needed to get work done!  But as it turns out, her adoption day is one of my favorite stories.

Adoption events are usually a couple of hours long, and things were winding down with Spice still there.  I was prepping to take her home for a few more days with me when, just 10 minutes before we closed the doors, a young man rushed in.

“I was at work, I just got off – I’m here for a puppy.”

“Any particular puppy you wanted from our website?”

Pointing straight at Spice, “That one.  My girlfriend chose her online last night and moves out here next week.  That’s the puppy for us.”

Crazy sweet already right?  It gets better!

We had him use some hand sanitizer (a must when handling groups of puppies to prevent sickness!) and put him in a pen with her for a few minutes.  He loved her immediately, and when he Facetimed his girlfriend she was so happy she started to cry.  It was love at first video call.  All he had left was some paperwork and an informational video.  (I, of course, played with her in an empty pen while he was watching the movie!)

Spice 4
“I’m staying right here, thank you very much!”

After he came out, he chose a new collar, leash, and bed for her.  While he was paying she curled right up on the bed and did NOT want to get off when he was done.  To the best of my recollection, he picked her up, bed and all, to head for his car.  It was the single most heartwarming thing I’d seen in months.  I’m calling that a true success story!

❤ #dogmom


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