You learn something new with every set of foster puppies.  With some, it’s easy lessons like don’t leave your slippers out.  With others, the lessons are a little more labor-intensive.  I am excited to tell you about the three beautiful lab puppies I had for a few days.

All three were a lovely shade of shiny black, with some white markings.  It just so happened that there were two boys and a girl, and you know I have to name my fosters, so I went with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  As with all fosters, the first step is building trust.  They didn’t want to leave their kennel the first night, but by the next day, they were tackling me.

Not only did Harry’s appearance match his name, but all 3 ended up being a pretty solid fit personalitywise.

Harry was bold.  He chomped right down on Harper’s tail and cried for about ten minutes after she barked in his face for doing it (she’s the best – that’s her form of discipline for small puppies, a bark right in the face).  He bolted straight for the nearest human at this point and hid in their lap while he cried.

Harry ponders life

Hermione was the smart one.  She learned the dog door first.  She figured out what the newspapers inside were for first.  She explored the backyard (followed closely by Harry) first.  Not gonna lie, she was my favorite and I easily could have kept her.

Clever Hermione

Ron was a happy goofball.  He’d trail along after the other pups, but enjoy the scenery as he went.  He also loved food more than the other two and was always trying to steal Pippa’s dinner (she shares a little too well).  He also scared the life out of me.

Dreaming of treats

The three pups found a way to get under the shed in my backyard.  Harry and Hermione would come out when I called, but Ron stayed put.  I thought he might have gotten stuck. I was in a panic.  I was ready to dig out the base of the shed and climb under myself.  I got the other two puppies settled inside and called my dad for any other ideas.  I was, of course, in tears and freaking out.  While I was finding my work gloves and getting ready to get the shovel, I happened to look out the window.  The little stinker was playing in the yard.  I caught him before he could get back to the shed, and had my sister help me puppy proof it after work that day.  That was a scary lesson, but one that I took to heart.  I double-check the blocks around the shed every time I get small puppies now.

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These three were a blast, everyone loved them, and I’m very happy to report that these magical pups all found homes at their very first adoption event!

❤ #dogmom


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