About Me

HI!  I’m Cami, and I REALLY love dogs.

I’m living the dream in Colorado with my dogs Harper and Pippa.  We live for fun days at the park and lazy days at home reading.  I also regularly dog sit and foster puppies, so I know all the ups and downs of having a whole pack of hounds around.  I work full time, play tons of volleyball, and read as many books as I can.

Please, join me on my journey as I tell you about the amazing furry friends I make, the brilliance my girls constantly surprise me with, the dog products that keep me sane, and the emotions that hit all dog owners at some point.

If you’re a new dog owner – ask questions!

If you’ve had dogs forever – still ask questions, but help answer them!

I’m a big believer in community, and that dogs are the best example of unselfish love that exists, so there is no better community than that of people who love dogs!